A true professional, Angela has a great way of making you relax and not ‘stress out’ in front of the camera, as so many people do, myself included!
Once a very thorough consultation about my brand, the images I would need and the style of contract was agreed upon, my first visit to Angela’s studio was very pleasant.  A professional set up in her garden "shed" (a professionally built garden room!) that was light and airy, and clearly laid out as the editing suite, consultation area and photography studio, Angela discussed the various options I had for my professional headshots.
Once these had been set up and I was sat in the ‘hot seat’ she started snapping away quite happily, giving me some instructions on directions to look in, expressions to make, words to say etc.  I felt like a model!
Due to a couple of professional hiccups in my own business, I needed the photos almost immediately.  I have to say that although not the norm and usually with timescales contracted, Angela was hugely accommodating for me.  Immediately after the photo session, I had the privilege of watching her work and edit pictures to get the best results.  Now, I wasn’t photoshopped out of recognition, but the lighting and shadows were adjusted a little, reflections reduced and some temporary skin blemishes removed.  The end result was just fantastic!
In the studio, Angela also had some of her landscape work on show and I was equally, if not more-so, impressed with the artistry and quality of the pictures, to the extent that I will be returning to purchase some!
Angela is passionate about her photography, and focuses on getting the best possible results for her client’s brands.  Completely professional with an open and approachable, friendly demeanour, she provides high quality results every time.  I will be using Angela again for further work with my own business, and I would highly recommend anyone looking to build their brand with high quality imagery to do the same.
Jay Cramb of Ridgestone Physical.
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