When I got my very first camera I walked about the Glasgow garden festival showing anyone who would listen that wasn’t it cool I had my own camera and ‘look there is even real film in it’ as I opened the back cover to show anyone who looked even remotely interested!  Thankfully I have learned that that isn’t how you should treat film – or perhaps moving to digital was my real saving grace!
Since then, I just always had a camera on me! I studied photography at secondary school briefly even ‘playing’ in the dark room.  I moved to digital around 2003 and a few years later,  I decided to enrol on a Photoshop course and the rest as they say is history – I have since spent (a very part time) 10 years at college studying photography.  I graduated in 2015 with my HNC and thought that would be the end of it but, as I was hooked (and did way better than I had expected) I ended up enrolling again and completed my HND in the Summer of 2018.  I love working with people and helping them to show the best of themselves and what they do and love so Branding Photography seemed the only logical option!
In 2017 I decided to take the opportunity to do something creative after working in Finance and IT for 16 years.  I took a long-term passion/hobby and mixed it together with newly acquired skills to launch Castography -  encompassing Photography, Life Casting and Health Kinesiology.  
In 2019 I split the constituent parts out and so 'A Daye In Your Life Photography' was born!
So, whether you are just needing a new head-shot; need some great branding images for your social media and websites; need some new images for your wall to either be framed, printed on acrylic/aluminium or another surface; and many other types of shoots - we can help! (have a corporate or personal event; want some natural, fun photos of you with your kids? We can help there too!)
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